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pantyless britney drops another baby

November 27, 2006


Britney gave birth again this last weekend, whilst climbing into the car of her new best-friend-forever, Paris Hilton. Damn, is that girl fertile!

More pix here.

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anne hathaway’s teeth, breasts vie for supremacy

November 22, 2006


So far, the teeth are winning.

kim cattrall shows a little pussy … literally

November 11, 2006


At a recent book signing, Kimm Cattrall gave photographers a little Basic Instinct-style flash. Upon closer examination, it becomes clear what a cute little furry pussy she has!

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kylie minogue’s arse in a jar

November 8, 2006


Kylie hawks her new miracle beauty cream, “Arse in a Jar.”

(Not photoshopped.)