britney’s divorce cake

November 7, 2006



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19 Responses to “britney’s divorce cake”

  1. Chris Says:

    poor k-fed 🙂

  2. genevakat17 Says:

    K-fed should be in that position instead of trying to sing LOL opps did I just say that.

  3. pegasus Says:

    where can i order it? …

  4. tigerfoster Says:

    captain poopy pants

  5. free ps3 Says:

    that is such a photoshop cut and paste job. Looks funny though. Needed a laugh

  6. vn55 Says:

    Yeh its great to cut cake and eat up the better half

  7. areyoumyrik Says:

    hahaha! that’s just hilarious! too good. =]

  8. gwb49 Says:

    Have your cake and eat it too!

  9. renaikan Says:

    haha… you knew all along where this was going… the guy only killed her image. i think she needs it back so she’s got to get rid of the guy in order to do so.

  10. zsvoice Says:

    really funny. Thanks for the laugh! the real divorce, though, is not as hillaroius with the two kids involved… read about it in my post.

  11. chacko Says:

    Sad, but it was only a matter of time.

  12. It’s about freakin time!!

  13. luxgood Says:

    must be difficult to live under the spotlight

  14. Daniel Says:

    I would sooo eat that cake!

  15. ganggreeng2 Says:

    Hopes he gets half!!

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