scarlett johansson is missing her nose

November 6, 2006


So how does she smell?


12 Responses to “scarlett johansson is missing her nose”

  1. Mr. Viddy Says:

    I am fairly certain that this photo has been altered. Scarlett does indeed have her nose still.

  2. TruthCures Says:

    Fairly certain? I don’t think I can comment on that without doubting/insulting your intelligence.

  3. Its a bit weird how totally different someone looks if they have their nose taken off. I barely recognised her..oh actually..that isnt that weird…noses are right in the middle after all.
    Oh well.

  4. Liew Says:

    Scarlett has such nice boobies

  5. noconvolutions Says:

    hey scarlett looks pretty even without a nose!come on the creator shouldn’t exhibit such bluntness in partiality…

  6. edward kong Says:

    She can smell just fine !!!

  7. livinglyrics Says:

    woah people! what picture are you googling at? could some one hand over a link, please?

  8. livinglyrics Says:

    urk. sry. the pic wasnt there before. goin to hide in a hole now! thank!

    and uh, photoshop is amazing isnt it? =P

  9. solelyshe Says:

    Hm? @ this post.

  10. stufforama Says:

    She is still a hunny….

  11. Barnaby Says:

    If she ever becomes obsessed with plastic surgery, she will one day look like this. It’s just a matter of time….

  12. moseswilbur Says:

    I can’t see a thing North of her neck.

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